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1. Select the letter that indicated the correct modifier in the following sentence.

A. The young Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been one of the ________ people in the U.S.

A. strongest
B. most stronger
C. stronger
D. most strongest

I think it's D?

2. Select the letter that indicated the correct modifier in the following sentence.

The senator is ________ likely to be nominated as a presidential candidate than is the governor.

A. less
B. least
C. little
d. lesser

I think it's A?

3. Select the letter that indicated the correct modifier in the following sentence.

Life in the U.S. is ______ than that in many other countries.

A. better
B. more better
C. best
D. more best

I think it's A?

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    1 = incorrect

    2 and 3 = correct

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    Okay than #1 is A?

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    You're welcome!

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