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I forgot to include these sentences on the same theme. I hope you can check them too. Thank you.

1) At the school of languages he meets three professors who are meditating on how to improve their own country.
2) The first project they are working on is about shortening discourse by cutting polysyllables into one and leaving out verbs and participles.
3) They believe all things imaginable are but nouns.
4) The second project consists in a scheme to abolish all words. This project implies (has) the advantage of preventing the lungs from corrosion due to speech.
5) They believe that there is an alternative to using the language (or to the use of the language). Since words are only names for things, they think people shoudl carry the things they need to speak about.
6) Women, however, oppose the project since they want to be allowed to speak "with their tongue", after the manner of their forefathers.
7) The only incovenient to the use of things instead of words is that a man with a business or a culture will have to carry too many things on his back.
8) All the projectors are old, thin, pale and dirty. They look completely absorbed by their project and seem to believe firmly in what they are doing.
They even beg for money to carry on (or out) their experiments.

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    Choose the five you are least confident of. Remember, you're doing very, VERY well, and you should have a reasonable level of confidence by now. Note that in the last post, there were VERY few errors in any of the sentences.

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