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1. Select the letter of the sentence in which the correct pronoun is used.

A. Who has the nominated committee selected for club president?
B. John Adams was the first president whom lived in the White House.
C. Who do you think will be the winner of the next election?
D. The award who go to whomever is chosen by the class.

I think it's D?

2. Select the letter of the sentence in which the correct pronoun is used.

A. The voters in the district cast its ballots in the primary election.
B. Each of the candidates presented their platform before the Women's Club.
C. Every woman at the meeting stated their opinion of the candidates.
D. Later the Women's Club conducted a straw poll among its members.

I think it's C?

3. Select the letter of the sentence in which the correct pronoun is used.

A. Dan and Nicholas wanted to go to the movies, but he forgot to bring money.
B/ People who go camping should remember that you always need to take a flashlight.
C. The last time Kevin and Denise were here was right after she had broken her ankle.
D. In the magazine article I just read, it pointed out that the Florida panther is endangered as a result of habitat loss.

I think it's D?

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    1. incorrect (This one is rather tricky.)

    2. incorrect

    3. incorrect (also rather tricky)

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    For #1, I meant "the award will go to whomever is chosen by the class"

    # 2, I think it is B?

    #3, I think it's C?

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    hey I'm thinking #1 is C???

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    1 ia D.
    "to whomever" is correct only if "whomever" is an object, but in this case the entire clause is the object of "to." "It should be "whoever" because that word is the SUBJECT of the verb "is chosen."

    2. I think you're guessing!

    3. Correct, it's C.

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    so #1 is D?

    I'm not guessing, just thought that was the answer. # 2 has to be D then?

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    Yes, it's D.

    The pronoun "it's" agrees with Women's Club, a singular noun.

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