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Find the surface area of the closed rectangular box shown

6cm, 5cm, 3cm
S.A.= (LW)+2(HL)+2(HW)

I did: (5x6)+2(5x3)+2(6x3)=96 am I correct?

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    6cm, 5cm, 3cm
    This formula for the surface area is for an open box with length L and width W:
    S.A.(open)= (LW)+2(HL)+2(HW)

    For a closed box, it would be:
    S.A.(closed)= 2(LW+HL+HW)

    You would do: 2(5x6)+2(5x3)+2(6x3)=?

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    126. thanks

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    You're welcome!

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