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I am both a quick worker, and I am careful." what is the correct parallel structure.

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    What are the TWO characteristics being used here to describe the "I"? They need to be phrased similarly. Right now, here's how they are:

    a quick worker

    I am careful

    How can you make them alike?

    I am a _________ and __________ worker.

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    So you are saying I should remove both and the correct way is I am a Quick worker and a careful worker?

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    I am a quick and careful worker.

    You want the elements to be parallel, AND you want to avoid repeating words in the sentence.

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    ok. I got it thanks!

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    You're welcome.

    I know this is not easy -- in fact, it's probably one of the toughest things to get under control in English.

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    fire can be either friendly or a foe, depending on the situation.
    make parallel

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    Benjamin Franklin was both a statesman and an inventor.

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    The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also a beauty.

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    i am a quick and careful worker ...

    this is the fersure correct way for parrellel structures

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