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A student ears $10 per hour for tutoring and $7 dollars per hour as a teacher's aid. Let x= number of hours each weeks spent tutoring and y=the number of hours each week spent as teacher's aid. Write the objective function that describes the total weekly earnings:

e=10x+7y correct?

for the 2nd part of the problem:
The student is bound by the following constraints:
a) to have enough time for studies the student can work no more than 20 hours a week

x+y <=20 correct?

b) The tutoring center requires that each tutor spend at least 3 hours a week tutoring.

3x+y <=20 correct?

c) The tutoring center requires that each tutor spend no more than eight hours a week tutoring?

No sure here.

Any help will be appreciated thanks

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    (a) correct.
    (b) x≥3
    (c) x≤8

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    Thank you MathMate!

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    You're welcome!

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