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I am trying to write a personal mission statement for a medical assistant. for a careeer development class. Can you help me write one.

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    Please read the mission statement I posted earlier for you.

    Reword that to write your own personal statement.

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    What I need is more of an objectives mission statement. One that would go in front of a resume. I do not know how to do one. What you gave me does not help. I was given instructions it must be atleast 4 paragraphs long. Can you help me.

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    Four paragraphs? Who gave you those directions? If you write an objective that long, you'll never get hired because no employer is going to have time to read all that.
    Use the left column to determine how to write each section of a resume.

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    In your statement, state why you want to be a medical assistant. What are a few things you want to accomplish in this career.

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