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Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much.

1)On the first day we started the journey all in the morning from Turin and we spent the whole morning (all the morning?) on the bus.
2) We first stopped in Lucca, where we had (or went on?) a sightseeing tour of the city.
3) We visited some exciting places such as the cathedral. We had our lunch there. Then we moved (better went) to our hotel in the village of Pescaia.
4) The hotel lay near the sea and it wasn't very well equipped (??):
On the next day we went to Giglio Island on ship.
5) The island was great, the sea was beautiful and thre was a nice village wich a castle on it.
6) On the third day we went to the city of Grosseti, which wasn't an extraordinary city but we had a good time. In the afternoon we went on an excursion in the natural park.
On the last day we had enough time to visit the city of Pisa.
7) At the end of our tour we returned on the bus and came back to Turin (we came back to Turin by bus):

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    1) Do you really need "all?"
    2) We stopped first

    4) by ship
    5) thre = there...with ?


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