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I am working on my final for AED/205. The question is "Do students come in to class with a desire to learn or is it the teacher's job to foster a desire to learn?" I feel that when kids are younger they want to learn as they get older maybe not so much, they just want to grow up and live their lives already!! Not all kids feel this way but many do, I have to find an article that backs up my answer, I have looked but can't find anything that is backing up my answer, any suggestions?

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    Try searching here:

    or here:

    or here:
    At this page, you have more control over the words you do and don't want included in your search. Use the first search box (all these words) for the words you want included, and the fourth box for words you don't want included in the search.

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    Thanks so much!!!

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    You're very welcome.

    Also ... do you have access to a college or public library? Even if you go to the library only once to get a library card/number, you should be able to get the usernames and passwords so you can access the huge databases most libraries subscribe to these days. You'll often find better information through them than through general searches on the Internet (although "scholar" and "books" via Google are pretty good!).

    Here is an example -- one college's library website (but public libraries usually have many of these, too): (Broken Link Removed)
    Click on Electronic Resources/Databases to see the different databases this particular college provides for its students. EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and are among the largest and best.

    What does your library provide? That's a good place to research.

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