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I just wanted to know if all these sentences are possible. Thank you

1) The trip is going to last three days.
2) We are having breakfast and lunch at the hotel.
We are free to have dinner where we want (how can I express this if it was part of a programme for tourists?)
3) Dinner is excluded from the price (if we mean that is "extra" whereas the price includes accommodation in triple rooms/three-bedded rooms, breakfast and lunch?)
4) We are having a lunch box prepared from the hotel when we are involved in full-day excursions (trips???).
We are leaving from Alba for Rome at 8.30.
5) Go straight on until you see the railway bridge. Go over it/go past it/ you'll see the train station on your right after the baker's opposite the ice-cream shop.

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    1. OK

    2. OK
    On our tour plan, we are on our own for dinner.

    3. Dinner is not included in our tour plan, which covers our hotel rooms, breakfast, and lunch.

    4. We have a box lunch prepared by the hotel ...

    ... from Alba for Rome at 8:30 am.

    5. [I'd put "and" between "baker's" and "opposite."]

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