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use the substitution method. Show your work. If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, state this 3x + 24y = 24s,27x – 15y = -15 .

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    3x + 24y = 24
    27x – 15y = -15

    Divide first equation by 3.

    x + 8y = 8

    Transpose y term.

    x = 8 - 8y

    Substitute 8-8y for x in second equation and solve for y. Insert that value into the first equation and solve for x. Check by inserting both values into the second equation.

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    27x -15y=-15

    solve for x in the first equation.
    x= -y+8
    put that in the second equation

    solve for y

    Then put that y back into the first equation, solve for x.

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