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I have to write a paragraph in which I describe my strategy for using writepoint in the future. This must include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time. I also need to underline the topic sentence. Could you please look at my paragraph and tell me if it is ok. This is due tommorrow.

When using Writepoint in the future it ensures that I am using my grammar and word choice correctly. By advising me of a different word choice, it allows me to consider using different terms in my writing. I plan to use Writepoint in the future for essays or papers to minimize the errors in my sentence construction. By not waiting in delaying my submission on papers, it will in turn give me enough time to correct any errors that I have made. Feedback time is rather quick when submitting to Writepoint as long as is it is not submitted on a Sunday or a Monday. Submitting papers on these days can cause a delay in retrieving your results. When using Writepoint I need to make sure whether or not the change is actually correct. By doing this I can avoid making mistakes that could have been prevented.

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    I would shift the subject of every sentence to yourself. The prompt is asking how YOU would use the program. Put the focus on what the prompt is asking about.

    One way to help take care of this is to make all verbs active; use no passive verbs in your sentences.

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