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1) h(t)=20(5/8) - 16(5/8)^2 + 10 = 65/4

All I need to know for this is how to calculate the fraction parts to get 65/4. I am not good with fractions.

2) A manufacturer's profit from producing x units of a product is given by P(x)=0.002x^3 - 0.01x^2 + 0.5x. At what production level(s) will the marginal profit be $9.30 per unit. Enter just an integer, no units.

the derivative would be p(x)=0.006x^2 - 0.02x + 0.50. Then would I just plug in 9.30 to x?

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    1) (5/8)^2 = (5/8)(5/8) = 25/64

    h(t) = 100/8 - 16 (25/64) + 10 =

    800/64 - 400/64 + 640/64 = 1040/64 = 65/4

    2) I would just plug the value in, but I don't know which equation you want to use.

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    so 0.006(9.30)^2 - 0.02(9.30) + 0.50

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    For the first question how did you get 800/64 and 640/64?

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    The 20*(5/8)^2= 20*25/64

    The 640/64 came from 10= 10*64/64

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