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Determine how many grams of water can be produced from excess propane C3H8 and 2.55g oxygen? MM 02 = 32 and MM H2O = 18.2.

I tried 2.5 gm O2 X 5 mole O2/32.00 gm O2 x 4 mole H2O/5 mole O2 = 1.40. This is close but not correct. The answer is 1.15. Can you help with this?

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    balance the reaction:

    C3H8+O2>> 3CO2 + 4H2O

    so, you get 4/5 mole water for each mole of O2.
    figure moles of O2: 2.55/32
    then moles of H2O: 4/5 * 2.55/32

    then grams of water: moleswater*18
    Yes, I have rounded off molemasses, you do it more accurately.

    I get 1.15 grams.

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