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Is this a correct use of a semi-colen?:

"However Petra was taken over in 100 CE by the Romans, and was still occupied during the Byzantine period; but it soon became not as much of an importance after that, besides being used as a fort for the Crusaders in the 12th century. "

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    Not really.

    If you want to use a semicolon in that place, then delete the word "but." You also need to add a comma after the word "However."

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    ... you also need to delete the comma after "Romans."

    If you need websites to help you with these marks of punctuation, let me know.

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    It's all right, the way I changed the paragraph nullified the use of a semi-colon anyways :)


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    You're welcome. Yours was a good question! Semicolon use is not always crystal clear!!

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