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some study guide questions i am stumped on

1 uncertainty about the future is likely to
a increase current spending
b either increase or decrease
c decrease current spending
d no impact on current spending

think it's d

2 as the general price level increases the amount of goods and services that consumers businesses and gvmt desire to puchas will change. How will it be illustrated

a) rightward movement of the aggregate demand curve of the aggregate demand curve
b) price level change causes aggregate supply to shift bringing the economy back into equilibruium
c) a movement down along the aggregate demand curve
d) a leftward movement of the aggregate demand curve
e) a movement up along the aggregate demand curve

3 which of the following is the best indicator of the standard of living

a) nominal GDP
b) real GDP
c) real GDP per capita
d) productivity
e) productivity per unit of labor

4 a demand curve expresses the relation between the quantity demanded and

a price (i think it is A)
b income
c advertising
d all of the above

5. in the classical model the level of employment is determined by the level of aggregate demand

True or False

6 if money demand falls then the interst rate will rise

true or false (true???)

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