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I don't know why but my previous post has been posted twice. The word cockerel is mispelt. I'd like to add the following sentences. Thank you.

1)On our holiday, we stayed in a 5-star-hotel for four days. The hotel was luxurious, with an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a casino, a sauna and a fitness club. The rooms were very comfortable with large double beds and soft armchairs.
2) The rooms were also very clean with white sheets and shining bathrooms.
The hotel wasn’t cheap – it cost a lot! It was also convenient as it was near the beach and the shops.
3) I did a lot of different things. I spent most of my time sunbathing, swimming, going shopping and playing water polo in the sea.
4) I also went sightseeing. I visited the cathedral and the castle. How can you express that “I joined a group of English tourists and followed them on a walking guided tour of the town?).
5) We had breakfast and dinner at the hotel but we had a snack at the beach restaurant for lunch. I sometimes got a lunch box from the hotel.

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    1. five-star hotel

    2. The hotel wasn't cheap; it cost a lot!

    3. While I went sighseeing, I visited the cathedral and the castle.


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    1. "...with indoor and outdoor swimming pools,"

    3. comma after "shopping"

    4. What you wrote in parentheses is fine.

    5. comma after "hotel"

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    Hi miss shahiz

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