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I tried to summarize my rephrase in a few words. Could you please check them?

1) Caliban is kept prisoner in a cave by Prospero.
2) When Prospero interrupts his meal, Caliban curses both Prospero and Miranda and hopes that they will get drenched with the same dew his mother used to collect from unhealthy swamps. 3) He also hopes that a south-west wind will blow on them and cover them withblisters. On his turn Prospero says that Caliban will suffer horrible pains which will prevent him from breathing.
4) As a punishment he will aslo be pricked by goblins at night.
Caliban claims that at the beginning Prospero treated him well since he gave him food and taught him his language.
5) Now Prospero keeps him locked up in a cave and treats him like a slave.
Miranda says that though she used to teach Prospero something new every hour, he responded better to the whip than to kindness.

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    southwest (one word)

    with blisters (two words)

    also (typo)

    All the rest is really good! Nice!!

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