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Select the letter that correctly identifies the basic sentence pattern of the sentence.

In 281 B.C., King Pyrrhus of Greece offered the Lucanians assistance in their war against the Roman army.

A. subject + predicate
B. predicate + subject
C. subject (predicate understood)
D. predicate (subject you understood)

I don't understand the words that are in the parenthesis, what does predicated understood?

I think it may be C?

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    This site explains understood subjects and predicates.


    In your sentence, both the subject and the predicate are stated; they are not understood. Thus, C. and D. are eliminated.

    Find the subject and predicate. Your answer will then be clear to you.

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    So then is it B? Since "offered" is the predicate and "Lucanians" are the subject?

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    Word order means the order in which the words appear in the sentence. What is the word order of the subject and verb (predicate) in this sentence?

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    Technically, your sentence doesn't fit either A or B. It starts with part of the predicate, then has the subject, and finishes with the rest of the predicate.

    The subject is: King Pyrrhus of Greece

    The predicate is: In 281 B.C. offered the Lucanians assistance in their war against the Roman army.

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    I think it's A then?

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    Yes. As Writeacher pointed out, the verb (simple predicate) comes after the subject.

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    okay thanks! I have two more that I'm unsure about.

    1. Because of these heavy losses, King Pyrrhus considered his army's enentual victory a losing experience.

    A. subject + predicate
    B. subject (predicate understood)
    C. predicate (subject you understood)
    D. predicate + subject

    2. From King Pyrrhus's tragic victory, learn to weigh risks against outcomes.

    A. subject + predicate
    B. predicate (subject you understood)
    C. predicate + subject
    D. subject (predicate understood)

    #1 I think it's C.

    #2 I think it's D

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    Anthony --

    Please post the subject and verb in each of those sentences. We'll help you go from there.

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    King Pyrrhus is the subject and considered is the verb

    tragic victory is the subject and learn is the verb

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    So what will your choice be for #1?

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    I guess it would be A again.

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    Right -- #1 is A.

    Now -- read and reread that link Ms. Sue gave you on understood subjects and verbs.

    Then rethink #2.

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    You're right about the first one. What is the correct answer to the question?

    The second sentence is confusing.

    Yes, "learn" is the verb. But who is supposed to learn? The victory isn't learning anything.

    I taught my students to identify the prepositional phrases first. Subjects and verbs are not found in prepositional phrases.

    In that sentence the prepositional phrases are
    From King Pyrrhus's tragic victory
    against outcomes

    In addition, this sentence has an infinitive phrase that is the object of the verb -- to weigh risks

    What do you think the subject is? Who is supposed to learn?

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    Then it would be B because learn is the predicate and "you" is the subject that is understood.

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    Yay! You've got it! :-) The answer to number 2 is B.

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    thanks Ms. Sue!

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    You're welcome, Anthony.

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