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Whether you're persuaded by a message will primarily depend on which factor? a.) your preception understanding of the recipient of the message b.) your characteristics, including your personality and intelligence c.) whether your receive the message while at work or at home d.)the nature of the message as it relates to your temperament

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    a is a stupid answer, the recipent is you.
    b. What we see through windows is what we look at.
    c.I loved when AT&T use to call my home at supper and try to sell me long distance service. But while that definitely turned me off, to be persuaded, I would need something to read and analyze, that is my nature.
    d. I get mad as hell when Republicans call me on these "important" taped messages they think I just "must" hear.
    Frankly, it infuritates me to be distrupted from what I was doing. I am task oriented.

    So, I have answered your question three times with the same answer.

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