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Please check for commas errors and capilization. If I need to add or take out any commas, please show me where.

Nashville, TN, November 9, 2011: Anisha Carter was named the new president of M& M Industries, and will take commands of the company on November 14. For the past seven years, Ms. Carter served as vice president of operations. During her 10 year as vice president of operations she served on a team that supervises the building of the new plant in Portland, TN. She also served as chairperson of the committee responsible for staffing the recently open Portland plant. Prior to her move to the headquarters of the M & M Industries she managed the plant in Phoenix.
Within the next 3 weeks, Ms. Carter will announce plans for a major expansion project for the next fiscal year.


    No comma after industries or years.

    Comma after operations and Industries.


    ok thanks


    You're welcome.

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