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Finite Math

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The weekly take-home pay (in dollars) for 20 graduate teaching assistants at University Z is as follows:

500.75, 217.43,488.25, 405.78
485.46, 495.48, 370.75, 435.40
479.65, 482.56, 470.28, 489.90
382.50, 500.75, 465.32, 481.25
506.43, 225.50, 504.38, 179.25

a. find the mean, median, and midrange weekly take-home pay for the assistants.

b. Which of these measures of central tendency is best represents typical weekly take-home pay for the assistants? explain.

  • Finite Math -

    Mean = (sum of scores)/number of scores

    To find median, arrange scores in order of value. The median is that point which defines the higher 50% from the lower 50%.

    Midrange = highest score-lowest score/2

    The most central of these three measures (value in between the other two) would be the best measure of central tendency.

  • Finite Math -

    MIDRANGE actually = lowest + highest / 2

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