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a bag full of gum drops. 2/3 of which are blue. the red drops are 3/8 of the number of blue. There are 3 green drops.
How many drops in the bag?

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    Are we to assume that there are only 3 colours??

    blue + red + green = total

    let the total be x
    (2/3)x + (3/8)(2/3)x + 3 = x
    2x/3 + 1x/4 + 3 = x
    multiply each term by 12
    8x + 3x + 36 = 12x
    36 = x

    there are 36 drops

    check: blue = (2/3)(36) = 24
    red : (3/8)(24) = 9
    green: 3

    24+9+3 = 36

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