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Can someone help me evaluate this hypotheses?
Evaluate the following hypothese using the five criteria ( The Scientific Method ) for a good scientific explanation. If the hypothesis is inadequate, formulate a new hypotheses and discuss why it is better.

A. People who consume diet soda are more likely to gain weight that those who do not.
B. Jane was having trouble with her computer. It would often freeze up shen she was using her word processing program. She concluded that the problem must be a computer glitch.

So far, Im stuck on A. I gathered some data on consuming diet soda. What I have gotten is that regular sodas are sweetened with regular sugar (high fructose corn syrup ) and diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sweeterners such as Splenda, aspartame, and aceytelfame potassium. Even if it doesn't have calories, those chemicals can cause you to retain water which can add to your weight.

and that's all i've got so far. Im still trying to understand this because science is not for me. ( it's for my science project ). Can someone help me?

  • critical cognition -

    The five criteria for a good scientific explanation. Relevant, Consistency,Simplicity,Falsifiability,and Predictive power

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