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in a right triangle if the oppisite B = 2 times 5 squared, the adjacent A = 5 squared, then what is the hypotenuse C?????????

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    Please don't change names.

    You try this one.

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    ha ha, i knew someone would catch on. you, must think i'm a big cheater. well i'm not. on account of hospital stays, and sat's i missed the whole chapter's worth of info, and am now expected to take a test on it. so in hopes of not having the answer given to me i made up fake names, along with fake sample ?'s. in order to work out my real question. in answer to the above ?. i got 23. i don't know if it's right though.

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    is it possible in order to figure out this ?, to take 25,tan, and times that by 50, to get the above answer of 23. if not then how do you figure this out???????????????

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