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8th grade math

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Albert has a home screen printing business. He has designed a bracelet and T‑shirt for St. Patrick’s Day which both use a special ink, available for a limited time from his supplier. Albert has already begun taking and fulfilling orders for merchandise. Albert noticed that 457.5 ml of the special ink was used to make 25 bracelets and 8 T-shirts, and he used another 712.5 ml of ink to make 14 bracelets and 18 T-shirts.

Albert hopes he’ll have enough ink to fulfill an order for 42 bracelets and 21 T‑shirts since his printer indicates that he has 1 L of the special ink remaining. If Albert will have enough ink, how many milliliters of ink will be left after fulfilling the order? If, on the other hand, Albert does not have a sufficient amount of ink to fulfill the order, by how many milliliters is he short? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest hundredth.

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    what is the rule if the input is 2 and the output is 5?

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