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http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1300146111 = Your earlier post


#1 - March's wages should be $2000.00 and the savings for March should be $1200.00 (as you have it).

#2 - The total for March should be $325.00 more than the total for each of the other months.

Be sure you double-check your totals for each month.

And that should do it!!

  • Budget project - Anonymous -

    Im stilling having some trouble Writeacher. Have I got the balance right? Its supposed to be $1200. And what would be addition to savings? What do I post there? Oh the total for March is $325 more because of the damage deposit.

  • Budget project - Anonymous -

    Also, this was the other part I did not understand.

    In addition, you must produce of list of move-in expenses, which will include furnishing for your new apartment. These move-in costs (along with your first month's rent) must be paid out of your savings as you will not receive a pay cheque until the middle of the month.

  • Budget project - Anonymous -

    Move-in costs -- hmmm, buying soda and pizza for some friends who help you? All you will be moving in are your clothes and personal items. The furniture store will deliver the furniture.

    I don't see the furniture costs in your spreadsheet anywhere, so you need to remove "Savings" from under "Wages" and add something like this under the expenses and total for March:

    Savings $1200.00
    Furniture $xxx.xx <~~You'll put the correct total here.
    Rent (1st month) $650.00
    Pizza & soda $xx.xx <~~You'll put a reasonable amount here.
    Total $xxx.xx <~~Add the 3 move-in expenses and subtract that total from the savings amount.

    No other month will have those costs. You should also remove the rent from above for March, but keep the rent row in there for the other months.

    Also -- Wages for March needs to be $2000.00 (not $3200.00).

    I hope this makes sense.

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