Complete subjects and predicates

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Underline the complete subject with one line and circle the simple subject. Underline the complete predicate with two lines and circl the simple predicate.
1. A young girl walks carefully along the rocky shore.
2. Carmen notices the tide going out.
3. Pools of water collect in rocky crevices along the shore.
4. Tide polls are home to sea plants and animals.
5. Seaweeds are the most common tide pool plnaqts.
6. They provide food and shelter for a variety of animals.
7. Carmen watches a sear urchin attached to a rock.
8. Sea urchins are little spiny animals with tiny tube feet.
9. Their mouths are on their undersides.
10. Their sharp teeth cut seaweed into little pieces.
11. Carmen spies an abalone at another tide pool.
12. This mollusk clings to a rock as it munches kelp.
13. Carmen sees many barnacles attached to the tide pool rocks.
14. Barnacles close thier shells during low tide.
15. These crustaceans wait for feeding time at high tide.
16. Carmen watches as the tide creeps back up the beach.

  • Complete subjects and predicates -

    We'd be glad to check your answers.

    List the simple and complete subjects of each sentence.

  • Complete subjects and predicates -

    1. Girl is the CS
    Walks is the CP
    2. Carmen /CS
    notices /Cp
    3. water is CS
    collect is CP
    4. Tide Pools is CS
    are Cp
    5. Seaweeds /CS
    are CP
    6. They CS
    Provide CP
    7. Carmen CS
    watches CP
    8. Sea urchin CS
    are Cp
    9. Their MOUTHS cs
    are cp
    10. Their sharp TEETH cs
    cut cp
    11. Carmen CS
    spies cp
    12. mollusk CS
    clings cp
    13. Carmen CS
    sees CP
    14. Barnacles CS
    close cp
    15. Crustaceans CS
    wait cp
    16. Carmen CS
    watches cp

  • Complete subjects and predicates -

    These answers are correct.

    5. Seaweeds /CS
    6. They CS
    7. Carmen CS
    8. Sea urchin CS
    9. Their MOUTHS cs
    10. Their sharp TEETH cs
    11. Carmen CS
    13. Carmen CS
    14. Barnacles CS
    16. Carmen CS


    You've listed no simple subjects. And none of your complete predicates is correct.

    The complete predicate is the verb (simple predicate) plus the modifiers and objects of the verb.

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