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Can you please check if everything is correct now? I made the chages you told me. I have one more doubt in n. 3: Can I used "bored with" instead of bored by?

1)She was really upset about her uncle’s death.
2)She was embarrassed about the way her father treated her/about asking for money.
3) I was bored/ fed up with her behaviour in class.
They were content with their exam results.
4) I was frightened/afraid of heights.
Johnny has got a headache and he can’t train.
5) Storm is training for the triathlon alone. Her times are fast but she finds training alone boring.Johnny believes that if she entered the triathlon, she would do really well.
6)She believes that she is not fast enough.
7) However, she fears that if she had a faster bike (a racer) , she would fall off.

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    In #3, you do know that "bored" and "fed up" are not synonyms, right?

    bored by

    fed up with

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