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Thank you Writeacher for your answers today :)
Here are some other questions :) :
Do you say We've had a lot of rain recently or lots of rain?
Can someone explain the difference between those two phrases - in your own words. Also what exactly is the difference between a little and a few. Do we use a little only with singular and a few only with plural?
Thank you

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    1st question --
    You can say either "a lot of..." or "lots of..." -- but you'll need to be careful about the verb if you're using lot/lots as the subject of the sentence. (lot = singular; lots = plural)

    2nd question --
    Here you're dealing with words that usually modify count (few) and non-count (little) nouns.
    Count nouns are those things you can actually count, such as buttons, children, pets, etc. Non-count nouns are those you cannot actually count (even if they are in plural form), such as sand, milk, air, etc. Be sure to read that webpage carefully and take note of the different count nouns and non-count nouns.

    So you would say, "I had very little sleep last night."
    And you would say, "There were fewer students in class today than yesterday."

    Post again if you have questions or if you have sentences that you need looked at.

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