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Can you please check these five sentences for me I find it difficult to correct.

1)1984 can be considered (as) an anti-utopian novel because it provides the description of a society in which a totalitarian government controls any action of the people.
2)In this (?) state of poverty and misery all the people are deprived of their privacy and any form of relationship with other people is forbidden.
3) The war is an instrument held by the state, which is used to keep people in poverty and ignorance.
4) In addition, the state uses false propaganda to make people believe to live rich and happy lives.
5) As a matter of fact, in this fanta-scientific novel Orwell describes the totalitarian governments that had governed Europe in the period of (between) the two wars.

  • English -

    1 - no "an"

    5 - use "between"

    Everything else is fine.

  • English -

    5 - use "between," but also take out the "of" before it.

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