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1. I am a freshman in high school.
2. I am a freshman of high school.
(Which preposition should we use? Are both OK?)

3. There'll be a parade on the anniversary day.
(How do you pronounce "There'll"?)

4. We'll choose between upper secondary school and vocational school.

(What is the difference between upper secondary school and secondary school? Do you have 'lower secondary school'?)

5. We can take a year off before we go to high school.

7. we can take a rest for a year before we go to high school.
(Are both the same? Thank you for your help. Have a good time!)

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    1 is correct; 2 is not.

    3 - There'll --> contraction of there and will - Scroll down and find the word you want to hear; then click on the green dot in front of it.

    4 - I think that upper secondary school is like the American high school, and lower secondary school, like the American middle school (or sometimes called intermediate school or junior high school). High school is usually grades 9-12; middle school is usually grades 6-8.

    5 and 7 seem to be about the same, yes.

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    Upper secondary skul is senior high skul

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