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6. According to Kohlberg, a person's stage of moral development is determined by the:
a. Type of moral reasoning the person exhibits
b. Specific moral conclusions the person reaches
c. Overall intelligence of the individual
d. Person’s actions in dealing with others

7. In Gilligan’s study, when females were compared to males on their views of Kohlberg’s moral dilemmas, it was found that females:
a. Have more difficulty understanding abstract concepts
b. Are less likely to use double standard of moral behavior
c. Focus more on human relationships than on abstract principles
d. Are more likely to judge right and wrong in absolute terms

Okay I will give you my answers to what I think they are and I would greatly appreciate if you could look over them. Thank you times a million!

6. a (The book says, "it is the way an individual reasons)
7. c ( I am not so sure on this one but the book has a story in it about this boy and girl reading the newspaper and an article was about an old lady who was being evicted from her house because it was super filthy. The girl reading it got upset saying they couldn't do that to her but the boy stated she was breaking laws)

Thanks soooo much. Especially Ms.Sue!

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