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Im doing this budget project thing, and Im pretending to buy a TV, I want to buy one at the cheapest price, so I went to
h t t p : // w w w . shaw . c a / Television/

And the data plan is $29.95. But how much would the TV cost to buy? And I need a source for it, so would source be shaw? Or would it be an actual store from where I got the TV from?

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    On the website, what is the title?

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    Shaw is the title on the website.

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    And what guidelines are you using? MLA? APA?

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    Im doing neither MLA or APA, Im not doing a works cited page.

    This is an example of what Im trying to do:

    Item: Price Source/Info
    Shower Curtain


    Sears . ca Bed and Bath – Kashmir Copper

    SO Im trying to buy a cheap deal TV, and I went on Shaw, so ....

    Item would be:



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    Do you have to cite it? Or just refer to it?

    If you're going to refer to the website, then just the title and the URL between < > brackets should be enough.

    If you need to cite it, then Google MLA or APA to find a website to help you with citations.

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    What price were you given?

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    Just refer to it.

    Oh. Ok.

    The price was $29.95 for the monthly plan, but I don't know how much the actual TV costs?

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    How many months? If you can't find that out from the website, then you should probably call the actual store and speak to a real person!! And be sure to ask what any fees are, too. Sometimes they like to tack extras on, but don't tell you until you've already made up your mind.

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    Sorry, I got the internet and the TV costs mixed up. The TV cost is $39.95--and its digital TV. For 6 months.
    Above the digital TV heading, it says--
    Connect your HDTV to a new kind of programming.
    And watch it all with the crispest picture and clearest
    sound. For $78.95

    h t t p : //w w w . shaw . ca/Television/

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    Does Shaw sell the televisions? Or the Internet connections, too?

    39.95 x 6 = 239.70

    And what does the $78.95 include? And is it per month? Is it added onto the cost of the television or is the television included?

    Does the ad mention taxes, fees, shipping, handling -- anywhere?

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    Im pretty sure they do.

    the $78.95 includes HD basic, high def TV.

    Its kind of confusing to follow, but here is the website:

    h t t p : // ww w . shaw . ca/Television/HDTV/

    The digital TV includes:($39.95)

    The digital TV has: Load extras onto Digital Basic, including a variety of specialty networks such as Discovery, TLC and A&E. There's lots to find!

    provides a complimentary install and no cancellation

    Shaw Television has channels to suit every
    taste, from news and sports to education and
    entertainment. Get the biggest bang for your
    buck on Digital TV.

    The digital basic tv is $29.95.

    and includes:

    All major Canadian and U.S. networks
    Treehouse, YTV, MuchMusic, MTV
    40 digital music channels
    Access to more than 50 network and premium channels
    Access to On-screen Interactive Program Guide
    TSN, CBC Newsworld, CTV News
    More than 40 basic channels
    Access to Pay Per View events
    Access to Video On Demand

    And its for six months.

    This is the basic pricing:


    For 6 Months $29.95/month
    Standalone Price $36.95/month

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    That all is VERY confusing, yes.

    There are four prices there. What is each one for?

    There will be taxes and fees added. How much are they?

    This is only for 6 months. What happens after that?

    If you cannot answer those questions from the ad itself, then you need to write down all your questions, go to the store, and get specific answers. Don't let them wave you off or give you vague answers. Make them give you specifics, and get a total of each month's cost.

    If you don't get all that information up front, you could get "taken for a ride." These deals for 6 months or 12 months or whatever are come-ons, and if you don't ask up front what happens after that period of time, you'll get socked for more money than you expect.

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    Oh, Im just doing a budget project for school, its an activity Im doing, Im not actually buying the shaw tv in real life. This is my whole activity:

    Imagine yourself 7 years from now. You are around 22 years old, and are looking to begin a career after you have taken the previous four years for post-secondary education, travel, and some work. You are moving out of your parents house and going out on your own. You have decided to rent accommodation, you have an entry-level job and are now completely on your own!! You must now figure out how you are going to budget your money based on your take home pay.


    Now that you are ready to jump into the working world, your task is to create a personal budget from scratch. You can bring your bed and personal items with you. Unless mentioned otherwise everything else has to be purchased. Do not assume that you have anything! The areas that you must include in your budget are as follows:

    --So Im doing this all for pretend basically, I just need to know the price.

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    Then figure out what each of those 4 prices includes, choose the one you want, and run with it.

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    Ok. Im going for the $29. 95 one, but all that I don't get is, that how much it costs to buy--the TV. Cause $29. 95 is the plan. Its a shaw connection, so where would I find shaw TVs?

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    "The TV cost is $39.95--and its digital TV. For 6 months.
    Above the digital TV heading, it says--
    Connect your HDTV to a new kind of programming.
    And watch it all with the crispest picture and clearest
    sound. For $78.95 "

    So ... is it 39.95 x 6 for the TV (are you renting it or what?) and is it 78.95 x 6 for the connection and package of channels?

    Do the math --

    39.96 x 6 = ??
    78.95 x 6 = ??

    Add the two multiplication answers and you have your 6-month cost.
    Add the two prices (not including the multiple of 6) and you have your 1-month cost.

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    But If Im going for the 29. 95 one, then it would be $ 29. 95 * 6 which is $.179.7. = So that's the overall price for the TV Im going to buy right?

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