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If I were to stay up all night trying to finish my homework (like I am now) will caffeine help, or does it make it harder to work at all?

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    Caffeine will definitely keep you up and give you time to study and work, but in the long run tomorrow you'll be tired, sleep deprived and will probably have a foggy mind tomorrow. It'll be hard to focus and stay awake, and if you try caffeine in the morning, you'll crash later. Try ice water and energetic music, or doing your homework earlier. ;P

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    In neuropsychopharmacology, state-dependent learning denotes the fact that information that has been learned while the animal is under the influence of a certain drug ("state") can only be recalled and used to solve a task when the animal is in the same state in which the information was learned, but not in a different, i.e., undrugged state.

    Do you think this might apply?

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