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I don't understand this question.
Three weights are attached to the corners of an equilateral triangle with a side length 10 cm. Measured from the bottom left corner, what is the center of mass of this object if M1 = 0.1 kg, M2 = 0.2 kg, and M3 = 0.3 kg? and M2 is on the left corner, M1 is at the top and M3 is on the right corner.

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    draw a grid, put the triangle on it, locate the coordinates of the three corners.

    I get (0,0), (10,0), and (5,17.3/2) check those.

    Now the cg for the x coordinate

    and the cg for the y is

    and cg = 2.88

    cg(6.66,2.88) check all that math. I did most of it in my head.

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