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Can you please check if these sentences are possible? Thank you.

1) Refer then to the episodes which lead to the abolition of slavery.
2)Lord Henry is a symbol of hedonistic and decadent upper classes, despising the Victorian virtues of work and morals, generally associated with the middle classes.
3)Truth is regarded as an unnecessary and awkward obstacle to pleasure.
4)Henry freely admits lying to his wife just as she lies to him, stating that in marriage secrets are absolutely necessary.
5) He provides us with several epigrams –short and clever amusing sentences – which express his idea in a clever and amusing way. Henry is the typical dandy.
6) He speaks through paradox. He tells Dorian that beauty matters more than anything else, it is a form of genius. He implores Dorian to enjoy youth while he can.
7) Youth is depicted by him as beautiful and divine, which makes those who have it unique. Lord Henry believes beauty to be not as superficial as thought. Old age, on the other hand, stands for physical and mental decadence.
8)The ageing process makes people sallow, hollow-cheecked and dull-eyed. What only matters in life is being young and beautiful.
9)He suggests that Dorian should not give his life to the ignorant, the common, the vulgar. According to him, their age needs a new form of hedonism, that is the pursuit of pleasure as the greatest goal in life.

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    Choose the 4 or 5 you are really concerned about.

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