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a packaging engineer is working on a new design for cold packs. A burst chamber in the pack will contain 14.0 mL of water, which will be released and used to dissolve ammonia nitrate.
a) If the solubility of NH4NO3 is 190g/100g H2O, what mass of this compound should be used with this amount of water?
b)The design specifications indicate that these chemicals can comprise no more than 35% of the mass of the product. What would the product weigh if it just meets these design specs?

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    You have 14g water.

    190/100=mass/14 solve for mass smmonium nitrate.

    product mass= (14g+massabove)/.35

    Your use of weight and mass is rather loose. weight is not mass, and mass is not weight.

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    a) 26.6g
    b) 14.21g

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    116 g

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