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Religious Studies and Ethics

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I am trying to write a little paragragh on RS, the subject and I need to write about the many siginificant discoveries that have been really helpfyul in the past 100 years or in recent years.

I just need some ideas.

  • Religious Studies and Ethics -

    A great many discoveries have a religious or ethical side(s) to them.

    Lets take advances in DNA testing as an example. This has led to 'DNA finger printing'. An ethical question might be 'Should there be a DNA finger print data base? On religious grounds you might object to being sampled for DNA testing.
    More wider DNA testing has demonstated that man has been around much longer than the 6500 years the bible suggests. Some DNA tesing results conflict with some other religion views (e.g. Mormon - (Broken Link Removed)

    There are many other discoveries you could use. Here are a few, but you will have to think up the religious or ethical questions. Remember to think of the religiious questions from other than the Christian view as well.

    Carbon-14 radiodating
    genetic modification of crops

  • Religious Studies and Ethics -

    Another discovery: body part replacement: heart, lungs, eyes, liver, arteries, veins, all these caused some turmoil for religious or ethical thinkers.

    Finally, transportation has had a great impact on society: residence, work place, work habits,dating habits.

  • Religious Studies and Ethics -

    And one other discovery: The birth control pill. That has had a major impact on the lives of many people, and religious have grappled with it because it allows women to be free of dependence on men. Many, many religions depend on women to be inferior and subservient to men as a basic tenet of control in the church.

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