list some harmful effects of plagiarism.

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please ineed answer for this question by his or her own word list some harmful effects of plagiarism. In other words, explain what is morally wrong with plagiarism. How does plagiarism harm the perpetrator?

thank you

  • list some harmful effects of plagiarism. -

    Of course people who engage in plagiarism also hurt others: for one, their classmates, and for another, the school or university they attend. At the very least, turning in plagiarized work is unfair to students who do their own work. It also jeopardizes the integrity of the grading system. And whether detected or not, plagiarism violates the implicit contract of the schoolroom: that students and teachers are working together to help students learn knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfill their potential.

  • list some harmful effects of plagiarism. -

    In addition, there are colleges around our country who indicate on transcripts whenever a student is ousted from a class for plagiarism. One school, for example, puts an X after a transcript entry to indicate such behavior.

    How do you think this affects the offending student when he/she is required to submit transcripts when applying for jobs?

  • ... but don't plagiarize! -

    Now ... please don't commit plagiarism by simply copying and pasting what mary and I have written above. You need to digest the ideas and then write them in your own words, including YOUR OWN ideas about this topic.

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