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A 3.00 m long pipe is in a room where the temperature is 20 C. What is the fundamental frequency if the pipe is closed at one end?

Would this count as an open pipe still, or a closed pipe?

This is what I did.

Wavelength = 2L/n
Wavelength = 2(3)/1
Wavelength = 6

(331 + (.6*20)) = f(6)
f = 57.17 Hz

Is this correct?

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    closed at one end, open at the other. the length of the pipe is .25 lambda.

    so,lambda has to be 12 m.

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    Sorry, but your answer is incorrect. Since the pipe is 3.00 m long and open at one end, the first resonance will occur with a wavelength four times the length of the pipe, or 12 m. Use 343 m/s for the speed of sound at 20°C.

    Velocity = Wavelength x Frequency
    Frequency = Velocity / Wavelength
    (331 + .6*20) = 343
    Frequency = 343/12 = 28.58 ~ 29 Hertz

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    That is the right answer

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