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Can you please check these sentences which I reworded? Thank you.(Check the word choice please)

1)I sort my rubbish (trash) into four separate bins which are located in a kitchen cupboard under the sink: one is for plastic, one is for paper; one is for food waste; and one is for regular kitchen trash. I got the recycling (?) bins for free from my town council.
2)At the back of my house there are common trash barrels.
3)The green ones are usually for glass, garden waste(grass cuttings and prunings) or regular trash. There are labelled so as not to be confused. The barrel for food waste is brown whereas the one for paper is white.
4)I always wash out bottles and jars before sorting (?) them into the appropriate bin. I also squash plastic bottles and flatten down cardboard boxes before
5)Near chemist’s shops you can usually find a small container for medicines (past its use-by date?).
6) I take my old clothes, bed linen, curtains and towels to a special recycling bank for textiles which lies five minutes from where I live. 7) There is also a recycling bin for old (?) batteries. I usually buy rechargeable batteries.
6)I know that 80% of a mobile phone’s materials can be recycled. Tyres, on the other hand, can be made into sandals, pedals or bags whereas CDs and DVDs can be recycled into burglar alarms and street lightning.
7) E-waste can be taken either to council recycling centres or to shops, in which people had bought them. The manufacturers have to get them recycled so that their components can be used again.

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    Are you aiming for British English (vocabulary choices) or American English?

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    if these can be recycled

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