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20. Es viernes. Vamos a mi casa para ver E.T. en ______.
a. mi videocasetera
b. el cine
c. el equipo de sonido
d. mis fotos

21. Nuestro apartamentos es ________.
a. grande y cómoda
b. grande pero incómoda
c. pequeña e incómoda
d. pequeña pero cómodo

22. "¿Viven Uds. en una cuidad grande o pequeña?"
"Inés y yo ____ en una cuidad bastante pequeña."
a. vivo
b. vivimos
c. vivís
d. viven
C or D?

23. Tenemos ______ para dos coches.
a. un sótano
b. un piso
c. un cuarto
d. un garaje

24. ¿Te gustan _____ carteles de los Beatles?
a. nuestros
b. nuestro
c. nuestra
d. nuestras
C or D? ..Not sure..

27. Hoy ______. Me siento mal.
a. no puedo hacer ejercicio
b. no van a la escuela
c. no debo llamar al medico
d. hace buen tiempo
I think it's A


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    21. "apartamento" = mascuine singular None of them will work because you must have mistyped an adjective. I"ll bet it's "pequeño"in D.

    22. The question says Uds. = you all so the answer must say nosotros = we = b

    Are you guessing wildly, MC? You MUST look for the cues. With adjectives they MUST agree with the noun modified in number (singuar/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine). Get that DOWN PAT. Then for verbs watch the markers on the end of the verb. I already typed them out for you once.
    yo = o (hablo)
    tú = s (hablas)
    él/ella/Ud. = vowel, a or e (habla)
    nosotros/nosotras = mos (hablamos)
    vosotros/vosotras = is = habáis
    ellos/ellas/Uds. = n (hablan)

    Get that down NEXT.

    Now, answering questions...
    ¿yo¿ = tú or Ud.
    ¿tú? = yo
    Ud. = yo
    nosotros/nosotras = nosotros if we are in your group but Uds. if we are not
    Uds. = nosotros

    Be sure to understand that. You will not have difficulty with él/ella/ellos/ellas because it's the same subject in the answer.

    24. "carteles" is masculine, plural so a is the only answer

    The rest are correct. Now take those 3 "cues" I typed above for you. Color-code them or whatever you have to do to stop the wild guessing!


  • Spanish -

    I didn't mistype anything; that's how it's written in my book. Also, I wasn't wildly guessing, I just get confused easily!
    Thanks though

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