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1. To be truly effective in a publication, an illustration should
A. appear in a darker shade or color than text.
B. appear in a lighter shade or color than text.
C. complement the document's layout and text.
D. feature a thin, dark border.

2. What is the most important factor to consider when choosing a graphics software package?
A. Does the program offer the features and functions I need?
B. Does the software company offer 24-hour technical support?
C. Will the software run on my computer system?
D. Is the manufacturer a pioneer in developing graphics packages?

3. A graphic symbol that distinctly represents an organization is called a
A. chart.
B. logo.
C. screen.
D. reverse.

4. Which of the following statements relating to the placement of art in documents is true?
A. Separating text from its related graphics helps guide the reader's eye across a large area of the document.
B. Illustrations should be located near their accompanying text.
C. White space between text and its accompanying illustration is wasted space.
D. Desktop publishers should try to avoid bleeding illustrations out of columns and into margins.

5. Which of the following factors would cause you to rule out the use of a particular illustration in an electronic document?
A. The illustration's lines are thin and light, indicating that it will reproduce poorly.
B. The illustration exists on paper rather than in computer format.
C. The original illustration is too large to fit into the space available in your document.
D. The illustration is copyright-free or in the public domain.

6. Let's say you want to include this illustration in a desktop publishing document. Assume that this illustration is 6 picas wide and 8 picas high. In your document, however, you have a space that's 9 picas wide and 12 picas high. Using your proportion scale, calculate the percentage size the new illustration is of the original document, then select the correct answer below.
A. 125 percent
B. 150 percent
C. 50 percent
D. 75 percent

7. Illustrations that are converted from paper to electronic format are called _______ art.
A. clip
B. verso
C. scanned
D. pasted

8. Crop marks are used on an illustration to indicate to the printer the
A. area of the illustration to reproduce.
B. center point of the illustration.
C. position of type in illustrations.
D. position of screens, fills, and patterns.

9. An image that has been saved in Tagged Image File Format (or .TIF) is
A. readable only by IBM-compatible personal computers.
B. readable by both IBM-compatible and Macintosh computers.
C. an Encapsulated PostScript format imitation.
D. a recto format readable only by Macintosh computers.

10. You can use this effect to break a color into a percentage of its full strength.
A. Reverse
B. Drop out
C. Color wheel
D. Screen

11. Which of the following statements about the placement of illustrations in documents is true?
A. Since people tend to read from the top left to bottom right on a page, placing illustrations in these positions helps guide readers through the text.
B. Everyone reads differently, so the placement of illustrations has little effect on readers.
C. Runarounds are viewed by professional desktop publishers as an old-fashioned technique and are therefore rarely used in high-quality documents.
D. Since people tend to read from the top right to bottom left on a page, placing illustrations in these positions helps guide the reader through the text.

12. To use files from Adobe Illustrator, a desktop publishing system must be
A. capable of converting bitmapped graphics.
B. hooked up to a laser printer.
C. connected to a scanning device.
D. PostScript-compatible or able to interpret .EPS files.

13. In desktop publishing terms, the word tone refers to a
A. color's original pigment.
B. color's PMS number.
C. color's brightness.
D. primary color.

14. Which of the following statements about computer graphics formats is true?
A. Computer graphics formats are universally compatible with any desktop publishing software.
B. Unlike word processing programs, computer graphics formats can be interchanged on most systems.
C. You may need a utility program to convert graphics to a format compatible with your software.
D. Graphics formats can't be converted to different formats.

15. Which of the following is an effective general rule for cropping illustrations?
A. Crop close to the subject.
B. Crop one inch more than the desired borders.
C. Use illustrations only in their original size.
D. It's easier to crop an illustration manually than electronically.

16. Ready-made artwork that can be imported into your documents is called _______ art.
A. line
B. clip
C. verso
D. scanned

17. A frame used to produce a three-dimensional effect in four-sided figures is called a
A. drop shadow.
B. border piece.
C. half-box.
D. cutline.

18. Illustrations for your desktop publishing documents should be chosen according to their
A. size.
B. quality.
C. color.
D. caption.

19. Which of the following statements correctly expresses the legal aspects of using illustrations in your publications?
A. You can't use a graphic image without printing a credit line.
B. You can't use a copyrighted graphic image without permission from its owner.
C. Software companies that manufacture clip-art disks usually require that you pay a fee each time you use a graphic image in a publication.
D. Software companies that manufacture clip-art disks usually require that you print a credit line each time you use a graphic image in a publication.

20. A graph that features bars running up and down is called a
A. horizontal bar graph.
B. moving bar chart.
C. line graph.
D. vertical bar graph.

  • Desktop Publishing & Design :Illustrations -

    Ooops! You forgot to include what YOU THINK the answers are.

  • Desktop Publishing & Design :Illustrations -

    So nice for the help. I will take the test and let you know what the answers are. Though I am guessing you have already taken this test since you posted this in February it would be nice for some to repost what the answers are after you have taken your test! They do give you the correct answers at the end of the test. And for those of you who think this is cheating... Let me let you in on a little secret! This is an open book test! And the answers match perfectly in the same exact words in the book! So, it's already kind of like cheating. Be back in a minute with the answers for the rest of you dumb enough like me to do this elective in this expensive ass high school program. Cheating... pshh. At least we had the balls enough to attempt taking these courses instead of just dropping out and going to get our GED.

  • Desktop Publishing & Design :Illustrations -

    Ok, I am back. I just scored 100%.

    01. C
    02. A
    03. B
    04. B
    05. A
    06. D
    07. C
    08. A
    09. B
    10. D
    11. A
    12. D
    13. C
    14. C
    15. A
    16. B
    17. A
    18. B
    19. B
    20. D

    Again, these answers will get you 100%.

  • Desktop Publishing & Design :Illustrations -

    thank u very much

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