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Can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much

1)King Philip II of Spain plans to take over England and wants his daughter to become Queen of England in Elizabeth's place.
2) On the other hand, Elizabeth is pressured (or pressurized)? to get married but refuses her many suitors' proposals.
3) Walter Releigh is presented /introduced to her. He has just returned from the New World and offers her gold from Spanish ships.
4) She is attracted to him and asks her most favourite lady-in-waiting Bess to observe him. Bess falls in love with him and bears him a child.
Jesuits in London conspire to kill the queen.
5)The plot is known to history as the Babington Plot. The Jesuits recruit Anthony Babington to kill her. The gun, he fires at her, has no bullet.
6)Mary, Elizabeth's next of kin, who has plotted against the queen, is tried for high treason and behaeaded.
7) Elizabeth banishes Bess from court and has Raleigh imprisoned for the crime of seducing a ward of the Queen.
8) The Spanish Armada approaches the English Channel. Though the Spanish ships outnumber the English ones, they are pushed towards the beaches by a major storm and finally sink in flames.

  • English -

    2. pressured

    3. Raleigh

    5. no commas needed

    6. beheaded

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