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is my biology paper good so far? Im not done. its about lifestyle disease

A lifestyle disease (also called diseases of longevity or diseases of civilization) is an inappropriate relationship between people and their environment that results to having a disease. When you eat a lot of junk food daily, smoke, drink too much alcohol, not have any physical activity and just watch TV all day. That all can lead to having some kind of disease and an unhealthy lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases are often caused due to an increase in frequency as countries become more industrialized.
The difference between Lifestyle disease and other diseases are a direct result from the lifestyle that person chooses to live. As the name suggests these are diseases caused not so much by lack of food or by infections etc, but as a consequence of the way we live our lives. When you see the word lifestyle, it’s by choice, by choice lack of exercise, unhealthy dieting, overeating, TV and computer, stress convenience; these are all major factors that contribute to these diseases.
Obesity, modifiable risk factor is weight, which is due to over eating junk food, and no exercise. A person can’t be healthy by just sitting in chair, just eating fatty foods, with no regular exercise; it all leads to different kinds of health problems examples, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Liver disease, caused by excessive alcohol consumption is just as bad. Strokes mostly happen to people that are in advanced ages but for some younger people who carry an inappropriate lifestyle, unfortunately have it. Some causes of strokes are cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, and use of birth-control pills.
There are a couple of ways in keeping a free lifestyle disease, lifestyle. If you notice, almost everything that causes diseases is the same thing, for example to not get diabetes, cancer, and strokes, you have to eat healthier and exercise more.

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    YOu have to be kidding on the link of stroke and birth control pills. The increased stroke risk to women of reproductive age due to estrogen based pills is minuscule, and far outweighed by the benefits of preventing pregnancy.

    The real issue is in your final sentence: cut down on animal fats, sugars, and get away from the dang TV.

    I can't imagine a single physician recommending to a female of reproductive age to stop taking the pill because of stroke risk inless that woman/girl had a lot of other determining factors (family history of strokes, uncontrollable high bp, prior history of strokes, or similar). The problem is, if a woman has those factors and health history...pregnancy then is a very high risk activity anyway. So the bottom line, I would remove the pill from your paper.

    Wondering if you are in a Catholic High School.

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    Oh, yes, you do have some awkward sentences, and dangling phrases, so when you finish, post it, and we will go over it carefully.

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    Lol i'm def nottt in catholic school.
    How can you know when to re check my paper i def want u to check it. ill post on later im working on it right now.

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