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explain the decision-making process you use when deciding whether or not to seek medical care for the types of symptoms listed in the chart. Provide an example for each of the five symptom categories; one example of when you would treat the symptom yourself, and one example of when you would seek professional care. Include who you would seek care from in your example.

Symptom Category,Decision-making process, Example for Self-care ,Example for professional care


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    The question asks what YOU would do.

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    i don't understnad it i was trying to see if anyone had a clue or did this before and could explain it to me.

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    The question wants to know what you would do if you were sick. If you had a severe pain, would you immediately seek medical help? You need to also give an example for each condition of something you've done in the past.

    Example: If I had a severe pain or other serious symptoms, I'd seek immediate medical help. A few years ago I fell at 11:00 at night. My wrist swelled, was painful, and I concluded that it was broken. I immediately went to the hospital emergency room.

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