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I need to put it in imparfait or passe compose /nous sommes alles a la fete foraine. C' (etre) magnifique! Mon pere mangeait son diner,quand je. (Rentrer) a la maison.

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    L'imparfait is for ongoing action, the middle of something which had to have a beginning but as far as we know it may not have ended yet. The English translation would be: he was eating, he used eat, he ate.

    Le passé composé is for an action that ended. The English would be he went home, he did go home.

    Nous sommes allés à la fête foraine. C'était magnifique! Mon père maneait son dîner quand je suis rentré (if you are male) OR je suis rentrée (if y ou are female) `la maison.

    Shame on you for asking us to DO your work. We HELP but you must DO the work. Tell us how we may HELP you but, please, you DO the work.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    In French « manger un repas » (to eat a meal) looks awkward. We would say « prendre un repas » (to take a meal) instead.
    Thus : “mon père prenait son dîner” would be more correct. However you can say “manger un sandwich”

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