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What patterns help you divide? DRaw a picture or make a chart to show how to divide 1600 by 4. Give the quotient. We know the answer but having trouble to make a chart to show the outcome. Please help.

Thanks in advance

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    One thing to try is to make a large square with 1600 small squares in it. To do so, you would have 40 rows of 40 squares each. Can you see it?

    Once you have the whole large square made with the smaller squares inside, draw one vertical line to divide the large square in half. Each of those halves will have 40 rows of 20 small squares each.

    Then draw one horizontal line halfway down that vertical line. You should end up with 4 sections of the large square, each section having 20 rows of 20 small squares inside it.

  • 3rd grade math -

    PS - If you do this on graph paper, it'll be easier!

  • 3rd grade math -

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think my son got the idea on what to do.

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