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Will you please help me with a few language problems:
1)is the article necessary in the phrase "representatives of the (?)mass media" ('mass media' goes with the article in the dictionary but is it possible to omit it in the phrase)
2)does the sentence sound natural (I mean the second part)"he tried to translate the text 'but unsuccessfully'(?)"
3)is the word "as" used in the context: "as analysts say, the situation could change"
4)is it possible to say "hundreds of students made a demonstration" or is it "held a demonstration/protest"
5)is it possible to say "to give help to smb"
6)is it possible to say "to make a government" or is it "to form/create"
Thank you for all your help.

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    Where is the original to which all this is referring? It's impossible to be accurate without the entire context.

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